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Plerdy Review: Best Conversion Rate Optimization

A Perfect Tools for Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization uses data to increase the number of website visitors who convert into purchases. Marketers have been using conversion rate optimization techniques for years to increase revenue. But many marketers have a hard time using their data to the fullest extent.

Since the Internet has flourished and grown, so has the field of web marketing. At the same time, this field primarily focuses on executing and optimizing various online marketing techniques. The marketing techniques themselves remain in a constant state of evolution. The only constant is competition.

Plerdy is a Conversion Rate Optimization Tool that helps businesses manage processes for promoting online stores and websites using conversion rate optimization.

Most online stores use conversion rate optimization to boost sales and increase traffic. In other words, they use tools to make sure you’re converting clicks, leads, and visitors into sales. They optimize the copy, images, and other site elements, among other things. There are plenty of CRO tools available, and some are free. So which one should you use for your site? This article reviews the best CRO tools Plerdy for your business.

Plerdy Conversion Rate Optimization

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What is Plerdy?

Plerdy is a conversion rate optimization (CRO) tool. It helps you get more customers and sales. Also, it enables you to understand what makes people convert or not convert on your website. This tool allows you to understand every aspect of your websites, like your call to action text, landing pages, images, calls to action, sales pages, forms, and the entire sales process.

Besides, this CRO is designed to be a comprehensive marketing platform that analyzes and optimizes your website, clients’ websites, and online stores to increase conversion rates.

Plerdy has all the necessary tools that can increase the conversion rate of your business. Besides, you can understand if there is any weakness in your website. That weakness lowers your conversion rate. Such as whether there is any weakness in the website’s design, whether he has to do more in writing the content, whether the internal links are working correctly.

Moreover, you will also find out more about where your website is getting the most clicks. Measure how many leads are getting through the pop-up of the website. Also, understand the engagement you are getting through the call to action button.

Many web tools can help businesses convert their web traffic into customers. However, the problem is that many of the tools are inaccurate or do not work well. The Plerdy web traffic conversion tool is highly accurate. It will help your company convert its web traffic into customers by offering a simple, easy-to-use interface that can be integrated into your website.

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Features of Plerdy

Heatmap Tools for Websites

Plerdy Conversion Rate Optimization

When running a website, you want to know where your visitors click to effectively position your ads, content, and links. 

The Plerdy has a website heatmap tool to show you the entire picture. It captures all the clicks, scrolls, and downloads on your website. And shows you a heatmap of where your visitors are clicking and what they are doing. 

You will see what your visitors are looking at and where they are going, so you will know where to place your ads and links to ensure that.

Website Pop-Up Forms

Plerdy Conversion Rate Optimization

The problem with most websites is that they don’t interact with visitors or customers. Instead, they are just a platform for displaying content. 

Visitors to a website are potential customers. It is a missed opportunity for the business if they don’t make the website a marketing tool that interacts with visitors. 

The Plerdy has website pop-up form software for visitors into subscribers and loyal customers. That has the potential of becoming customers. The Plerdy tool allows the website to grow its business by increasing the number of visitors that turn into loyal customers.

Analyzer for SEO

Plerdy Conversion Rate Optimization

The SEO checker is a Plerdy feature that helps you to check the SEO of your website. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the art and science of making your website work for you. This SEO checker tool is an automated way to do more technical SEO checks. 

This SEO checker tool will check many SEO issues, including the title tag, meta description, meta keywords, and the overall site loading speed. Also, it optimizes for mobile and tab.

This SEO checker tool will check your website against the latest Google SEO requirements and provide you with a report regarding how your website stacks up against the requirements.

The SEO checker also has additional features, including a Google search rank checker and a keyword density checker.

Software for Session Replay

Plerdy Conversion Rate Optimization

Plerdy is a website session replay software that allows you to record and replay your website visitor’s actions and clicks. This software will enable you to see exactly what your visitor does on your website. 

You can replay the session as many times as you want to see exactly what your visitor did to find a particular page, product, or feature. With this tool, you can also find out if your visitor could find what they were looking for on your website. You can see if they could complete the action they were attempting to achieve.

Tools for Tracking Events and Goals

Plerdy Conversion Rate Optimization

Plerdy Website Event Tracking Tool is an easy-to-use solution that helps track the number of visitors to your website. Also, how many pages they’re viewing, how much time they’ve spent on your site. Besides, the number of visitors their customers have converted.

Moreover, you can track a specific event and goal on your chosen object. Which will identify and record every behavior of your users on your website.

Also, You’ll always be able to analyze advanced data by linking all recorded events to Google Analytics. Plerdy Website Event Tracking Tool is an alternative to other web analytics tools and is compatible with all browsers and operating systems.

Performance of E-commerce Sales

Plerdy Conversion Rate Optimization

Plerdy is a set of tools that help increase the performance and success of e-commerce businesses. It uses a combination of technology, comprehensive data, and powerful analytics to identify and target potential customers who can make purchases.

Its real-time data collection and analytics are more accurate and robust than Google Analytics. Besides, it will provide you with unique data on user experience.

The following list of More advanced features helps advertising campaigns to increase your e-commerce sales:

  • Plerdy can track the exact number of purchases completed within the selected time.
  • You can quickly analyze whether users only make one transaction or repeated purchases.
  • Evaluate the profits of the online store and help you take further steps by managing the numbers
  • By measuring the current indicator continuously and comparing it to the last time, you can measure its effectiveness.
  • By analyzing this indicator, you can understand the genuine interest of customers towards your brand or product.

Analysis of Conversion Funnels

If you are an e-commerce proprietor, you know that you need a solid conversion funnel to succeed. Conversion funnel analysis is the foundation for your website and marketing strategies.

The Plerdy is a comprehensive web tool that will enable you to track your website visitors and turn them into subscribers and customers. It will provide you with the information to improve your marketing strategies and optimize your conversion funnel.

Moreover, It delivers a realistic step-by-step sales method in e-commerce stores and web resources. You can observe where website visitors leave, which steps they skip, and how to fix their difficulties. It will assist in referring clients to the desired action and increasing e-commerce purchases.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Websites and online businesses are expanding rapidly, and you can’t keep up with the influx of customers. It will be best if you have a way to keep track of your customers and make meaningful connections with them.

Plerdy has a tool that helps you use that information to manage your customers, gather their feedback, and make meaningful connections with your customers. With Plerdy Solutions, you can use NPS to help build meaningful communication with your customers, build loyalty and even use it as a sales tool.

In addition, the Plerdy tool will automatically collect feedback and apply the NPS score calculation method to generate a net promoter score for your website quickly.

Extensive net promoter score statistics help you improve customer service. It will help you fine-tune your website design, optimize your marketing methods, and get various other benefits.

Benefit Using Plerdy

Boost the Conversion Rate

Online conversion rate is one of the most critical metrics for any online business. The Plerdy is an all-in-one web tool that gives you the tools you need to monitor your conversion rate and optimize your website to increase your conversion rate. 

The Plerdy is a web-based application that gives you access to various tools to help you optimize your web pages. Also, these tools include a heat mapping tool that allows you to see where your visitors are clicking, a form analysis tool that helps you understand how well your form is converting. 

A usability testing tool that allows you to get feedback from your website visitors, a website speed analysis, bouncing rate, etc.

Look for Design Flaws.

A website design should be functional and easy to use. It will increase the conversion rate, which will, in turn, increase the profits. 

Plerdy is a set of web tools to help discover a website’s flaws, making your website low conversion.

Optimize your Content

Plerdy is an online tool that can help you improve your website content by detecting how far the reader is scrolling into your website. It is important because the farther a reader scrolls down your webpage, the more the reader will engage with your website. 

You can use this tool to determine how far your website readers are scrolling and where you need to improve your website content to engage your readers better and get them to stay longer on your website.

SEO Checking for Small and Large Sites

Plerdy is a web tool that tracks and reports your website’s SEO progress. It will monitor your page rankings, traffic, and other essential SEO stats so that you can see your website’s progress over time. 

Plerdy offers SEO tools for both large and small sites. The tools they offer include a Website Performance Checker, a Keyword Research Tool, a Broken Link Checker, a Mobile Version Checker, etc.

Reducing The Risk of Losing Organic Traffic

There is no guarantee that your website will always be on the front page of Google. With the launch of a new site, your site can quickly get down to the rankings. It may hamper the sale of your product.

This is where the Plerdys tool comes in. By using a combination of tools, you can increase your traffic ranking. You can be in the top ten search engines, which will help get organic traffic to the website.


Plerdy allows you to use these two options for free and paid. Of course, you can take maximum advantage of the paid option. For example, you can use the heat map feature unlimited in the paid version.

Plerdy has priced its offers according to different segments. You will get three paid versions of Start, Business, Premium in All in One Segment to use these tools. You will also find more or fewer advantages and price differences in other segments.

Plerdy price
Plerdy Pricing

Plerdy AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Plerdy Conversion Rate Optimization deals

One Time Purchase Offer – $59.00 $2124.00

  • Unlimited active pages
  • Team members Unlimited
  • Unlimited API integrations and captured leads
  • Filter by date, traffic, device, country, unique page views, and user actions
  • Heatmaps (clicks, scroll, mouseover, sequence of clicks, and text selection)
  • Create user groups for extra segmentation
  • Import own banner, image, and YouTube video
  • 20+ display rules and form analytics
  • Create events and submit to GA in one click
  • Conversion funnels
  • Automatic SEO page audit (desktop and mobile)
  • Look up missing keywords on website and Google Search Console
  • View, sort, share and delete record sessions
  • Identify the “price” of website elements with Sales Performance
  • 6 months of storage


In summary, I truly recommend you give Plerdy a try. It allows you to improve your conversion rate, see what your users are doing, and be more data-driven marketing.

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